Zeteo Coffee

Drink Well | Give Well

Zetêo Coffee is a single family owned and operated specialty coffee brand with both roasting and cafe concepts in Central Arkansas.  When you do business with us, you’re supporting a real family and ethical, sustainable practices while giving back. 

We have always been passionate about crafting excellent coffee and supporting the community that surrounds us. 

We've created spaces and cafés over time for people to gather and discover the things that make life richer.

We approach coffee roasting with the same care and passion for community, both locally and globally with our 100% ELECTRIC roaster. 

Our Bellwether electric roaster provides extremely precise and consistent coffee each and every time while producing ZERO carbon emissions into the atmosphere, like traditional roasters do. 

We also source our beans from small, family owned farms all over the world. In doing this, we're able to assure that these small coffee farms are able to sustain themselves and provide for the families that cultivate the crops, while producing exceptional tasting coffees. 

Through your purchase of our roasted coffee you are also partnering in our giving to various missional minded organizations and opportunities. Living Water International is a global ministry with a clean water initiative that drills and restores water wells in developing parts of the world that lack access to clean water. 

Living Water first helps by addressing a communities physical needs for clean water, and then ministers to their soul by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people in that community. 

This is the initial organization we partnered with since our inception. Since then, we have expanded our giving into other areas of need. By partnering with us, you not only supporting a business and product you feel good about, but you are also drinking well and giving well.