Image with espresso pressure gauge showing 9 bars and 9 barbells.

Coffee and Crossfit? You may be scratching your head and thinking, “now this should be interesting, what could these two things possibly have in common”. Well, at first glance I can understand how it might be difficult to see any similarities. Coffee is often associated with sweet, caffeinated deliciousness while Crossfit… well, Crossfit is associated with sweat, heart racing workouts that make you question who you are at your very core.

In the interest of full disclosure, it must be said that I’m a huge fan of both Coffee and Crossfit. They’re probably two of my very favorite things. I’ve had an interest in coffee and the café culture that surrounds it for several more years than I’ve known about Crossfit, but both get into your blood pretty quickly.

It occurred to me the other day while working my way through several rounds of rope climbs, air-assault bike (for calories … this bike is pure evil) and weighted step-ups with kettle bells over a 24inch box, that the very thing that keeps me coming back to Crossfit, (besides my desire to stay fit as I get older) is the same thing that makes the coffee culture captivating and beautiful.


Two baristas doing latte art trainingCommunity is a beautiful thing, and it’s amazing to see the relationships that form within the local café. You’ve got the regulars that come on a daily basis (sometimes multiple times a day) or at the very least once a week. These folks are quickly recognized by name by the café staff, and most times their usual drink is already in motion as they’re spotted outside the shop window by the staff as they approach the entrance.

Relationship also plays a vital role in creating trust and convincing those same regulars to try new drinks, coffees from various regions and different roast profiles. This will enrich their experience and give the shop staff an opportunity to educate them and bring real value to their interactions.

Similarly, the sense of community, and “suffering” your way through your workout at the Crossfit box (what Crossfitter’s call their gym) is what gets people past the initial intimidation of Crossfit, to a place where they hate the very thought of missing a day. It actually becomes fun to go into the gym and test yourself and see what you can accomplish that day.

It’s the community in both of these environments, the speciality coffee bar and the Crossfit box, that encourage people to lean on their new found friends to grow and expand their horizons to learn about new things.


Black and White Photo of Female Weightlifters doing an overhead squatHow does one get better at any discipline? Through repetition and a constant refining of their understanding. Whether as a barista, skilled tradesman (or woman 😀) or  a Crossfit athlete, nothing is comfortable or natural the first few times you do it. Through repeated practice, and multiple reps upon reps, that pour-over motion, dialing in the espresso grinder to find the most consistent, great tasting espresso shot or getting that overhead squat without losing the weight will feel more and more natural.

At Zetêo Coffee it’s been so cool to see our coffee community grow and we’re beyond stoked to see a lot of our Crossfit community come in an hang at the café from time to time after Saturday morning workouts. It proves that ‘Reps and Relationships’ makes life sweater all the way around.