Reps & Relationships – The Brilliant Similarities Between Coffee and Crossfit


Image with espresso pressure gauge showing 9 bars and 9 barbells.

Coffee and Crossfit? You may be scratching your head and thinking, “now this should be interesting, what could these two things possibly have in common”. Well, at first glance I can understand how it might be difficult to see any similarities. Coffee is often associated with sweet, caffeinated deliciousness while Crossfit… well, Crossfit is associated with sweat, heart racing workouts that make you question who you are at your very core.

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I’m A New Coffee Drinker. How Should I Order?

Lady panicking because she is overwhelmed by what to order.

Have you ever walked into a new found coffee shop and just stared at the menu, wondering what – or how – to order? Of course you have. We all have at least once.

One of the most common comments we hear from people whenever they come in for the first time is, “I’m not sure what I want,” or “what’s good?”

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Starbucks: The Big Elephant In The Room

How has Starbucks Helped and Hurt the Speciality Coffee Industry

Starbucks: The Big Gray Elephant In The Room

{Disclaimer: As I’m writing this, I’m sipping on a wonderful cup of Sugar Skull coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab (based out of Northwest Arkansas), out of a Starbucks mug that I picked up for my wife while visiting Boston, MA last year.}

Let’s admit it, in the specialty coffee world, Starbucks is the big “gray elephant in the room” and their name tends to evoke plenty of emotions and opinions both positive and negative. Some could say, you either love Starbucks or hate them – okay, hate is a bit strong, maybe a strong dislike might be a better description.

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We’ve Been Brewing a Fresh Website For You

New Website Announcement Graphic

We’ve been brewing up a new website for you!


Welcome to the brand new Zetêo Coffee website and blog!  We’re so excited to share this platform with you, our customers and friends.

If you’ve been around our shop any amount of time (and we hope that you have or have plans to drop in) then you know that relationships and community is a big deal to us. This blog will be a spot where we’ll talk about various happenings in the shop and we’ll talk about various topics related to the coffee industry in general.

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